Kamis, 31 Maret 2011

Tante Girang Thailand

Tante Girang Thailand has been to a wedding (well just about everyone). What will make your wedding different from anyone else? Personal touches… Perhaps you and your finance met while studying art history…You could name your tables’ famous works of art that you both like and have a small reproduction of each piece on each table in lieu of a table name. Or perhaps you have several loved ones that were integral in your upbringing and you want to pay homage to them, create a small gallery of antique pictures in intricate frames on a table or hanging on a wall near the guest book. Another example, if the bride is in love with Chiclets and a lot of people know this, put a small box in each persons favor bag or on their place setting. Whatever is important to you as a person, be it pets from the past, grandma “Bunny” that passed away or your love of travel, find ways to intermingle your personal lives into the day, but stay tasteful. Do not make it cheesy or overdone.

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