Sabtu, 12 Maret 2011

Tante Girang Seksi Cantik

Tante girang seksi cantik for the Geisha hairdo, styling cream is applied to shampooed, dried hair. A comb is used to slightly tease the hair to create volume. The hair is then pulled into a high ponytail through a chignon foundation and secured using a bobby pin. Small sections of the hair are then wrapped and tucked under the chignon foundation. The final look is made complete by crisscrossing the decorative Japanese hair sticks through the chignon foundation. Unlike the Geisha hairdo, a simple Chinese bun involves partitioning sections of the hair in two parts, rolling them over a Chinese hair stick and finally tucking them under the chignon foundation. Chinese hair sticks are mostly ornamental while Japanese hair sticks are based on floral or mythological motifs. Whatever be the theme or the design, hairsticks serve one great purpose - to highlight the beauty of women - reason enough to seal its popularity for generations to come.

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